enter here ...The principal requirement for P.E.A. membership is quite straightforward:  a serious and vested interest in the ethical performance of psychic entertainment (including mentalism, bizarre magick, hypnotism, cold reading, and allied arts). Full-time, part-time, and retired entertainers are considered.

The P.E.A. is not a magicians' club, nor is it intended for "information collectors". Those new to the art are encouraged to wait until having attained proficiency before applying. The successful applicant will be a participant, one who is both willing and able to make a contribution to the Association. Prospective members should be prepared to document their credentials: for example, by supplying promotional material, performance videos, critical reviews, etc. (appropriate to their psychic entertainment interests).

Our screening process generally takes about three months from the receipt of a completed application. During that time, the applicant's name is published, and comments are solicited worldwide; this allows all our members to have an active voice in our most valuable asset: our membership.

To begin the application process, write to the Membership Chairman, requesting further information and a membership petition.