Association Officers (2021–2022)

President Joe Curcillo
6059 Allentown Blvd. #258
Harrisburg, PA  17112-2672
presides over Corporation & Board meetings; appoints Committees; exercises a general supervision of all affairs of the Corporation  [ ]
Vice President &
Membership Chairman
Doug Dyment
8 – 728 Gibsons Way
Gibsons, BC  V0N 1V9
substitutes for President as necessary; chairs Membership Committee  [ ]
Secretary Neil Tobin
1811 Clinton Avenue
Berwyn, IL  60402-1610
keeps record of Corporation & Board activities; sends meeting notices; accredits roll of Corporation members
Treasurer Curt Frye
2426 NE 88th Avenue
Portland, OR  97220-5433
keeps record of all financial transactions, plus all books and records of the Corporation; performs duties affecting the financial affairs of the Corporation

Board of Directors (2021–2022)

the PEA virtual boardroom Markus Beldig
Joe Curcillo
Doug Dyment
Raj Madhok
Neil Tobin

Of counsel to the Board: Dian Buehlmeier, Scott Gordon, & Mary A. Lynn (founders)

Other Contacts

Loyd Auerbach M.O.T.M. Coordinator: does long-range planning, and liaises with annual M.O.T.M. chairperson(s), in support of the Meeting Of The Minds
Joe Curcillo P.E.A. Historian
Doug Dyment (pro tem) administers P.E.A. official website
Curt Frye handles reacquisition of P.E.A. materials, members' estates, etc.
Curt Frye manages sales of P.E.A. materials (binders, back issues of "Vibrations", books, etc.)
Curt Frye manages the Helping Hand Fund (contributions to which should be sent to the Association's Treasurer)
Mark Garetz [Chair]
Doug Dyment
administer Raven's Nest website
Joshua Kane
Fred Zimmerman
edit monthly journal, "Vibrations" (the most difficult job of the lot, and the only one for which financial compensation is provided)
Bob Killian [Chair]
Chris Carter
Ken Weber
Ethics Committee
Michael Kirshner [Chair]
Michael Spremulli
Provisional Membership Liaison: track the activities of provisional members, and advise on their eligibility for full membership
Neil Tobin edits "Vibrations" Index
Bill VanGorder P.E.A. Parliamentarian