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Note that the Raven's Nest (aka PEA Forums) is actually a separate Web sites and has its own individual security requirements; to obtain a password for same, refer to the instructions available there. The recovery and registration information below pertains solely to the "members only" areas of this site.

Both sites encrypt their passwords, so nobody knows them except you (and the site itself). Thus only you can recover them.

You can not use the same user-name/password combination on both PEA-affiliated sites.

Lost Password/User-Name Recovery

Certain areas of the P.E.A. Web site are intended for members only, and are password-protected from public scrutiny. If you have forgotten your password and/or user-name, enter the e-mail address from which they were registered in the field below, and click on the associated button; your information will be e-mailed there.

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This service will not work if you are not a currently-registered user of the PEA Web site. Current P.E.A. members may request a password by submitting the User Registration Form below.

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User Registration Form

Please note that only P.E.A. members are elligible to register for access to the private areas of this Web site, using the form below. All six fields are required. When entering the Password, ensure that the "Caps Lock" key on your keyboard is not inadvertently engaged.

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Replies to this request will be sent by e-mail. Depending on the availability of someone to confirm your membership status, the complete process can take several days, though it usually happens much more quickly.